30 December 2009

Quiz what type of memory do you have?

aku saje2 amik quiz kat facebook niyh, mcm besh jee,
and ny result nye! (sungguh bangge ;p)

You have no doubt an excellent memory. Having a Secretary's type of memory means that you're probably a walking organiser / notebook yourself. You remember the big and important things, and wonderfully, the small and minor details as well. It's like you can be trusted a...nd dependable on, cuz I guess you're seldom forgetful, which may lead to troubles. But I worry for your brain, seriously... If you ever felt that your brain is getting too hot a little, I suggest it's time to relax a bit, and just try, try, try your best to stop remembering all the minor stuff! You're the kind of person who looks at the whole picture, and give comments from the important to the little things. It's good so that if you're planning for a event, your team can rest assured that things are well-planned and see through with you around.

28 December 2009

Aimannnn ;D

ni video aiman time die in process belajar bjalan, hee tomey kan? :D tapi skrg 5tahun suda oo. nakal nak mampuih la wa ckp lu. cehh kecik2 je comel! haha. adek tetap adek :) syg gegile kot!

27 December 2009

Baba's hobbies!

okayyy, now nak cite pasal hobi baba kesayangan ktorg ;D

a) haaa yg niyh mmg hobi sepanjang maseee beliau.
mmg meminati motor besar ;D

b) pastuh plak, memancing!
ikan ikan ikan, kat rumah ny, ade LIMA akuarium, 2 kolam ikan!
rumah ny lar, sape yg pena smpai rumah lme kuh, memang dah
mcm kedai ikan, jual jual! hakhak xD

c) then then, menukang spt. pasang cornish mcm kat atas nih,
built kolam ikan sendiri, buat kabinet sendiri, cikai2 pnyee lah
made up from wood type :D

d) last one! mandaki gunung! hah yg kat atas niyh,
Gunung Kinabalu. adee byak agy gunung yg telah baba reached,
spt Gunung Datuk, Gunung Angsi. etc

23 December 2009


Alright nana. You've updated one about me. and I'm so touched ;') hahah! now I'd like to tell people how wut are you. let's start with her beautiful name, Diyanah Emera bt. Zulkefli. but I just call her nickname with NANA! cute aite? Yes it's true we've been friend for 7 years long. and that's why I love her so much. (tapi kawan laen pon syg gakk :D syg korg!) heee~ let's talk about how come we can meet. actually, my mom and her's working at the same place. hehe, I mean in the same school. my mom working as a teacher, and her mom as a clark :D got it? and since nana has moved to this school, we are still 8 at that time and we started friend :) I love her attitude, (sonang cite ktorg sekepale ah hahaa) we shared everything! :D I luv luv luv BFF! BFF for lyfe :]

19 December 2009

Kedah Darul Aman :)

1. cafe in train, yummy! ;D

1. first class

3. train is comingggg! heek x)






29 November 2009

Freeshow ;P

1. study table.

2. from the other angle!

3. cupboard.

4. iron set.

anyway , whose bedroom is this ? ;P

Third cheese cake

yeaaah ! my third cheese cake baked :)
look at the base! I really did it!

aaaand on the top,
I mixed the fresh cream , cream cheese , and white yolk .
hahaa , taram jelah :P
you might be addicted to this link- http://www.myresipi.com/top/detail/88
*tarikh menipu! xD

27 November 2009

Happy Eid-Adha :)

Since today's the day of Aidiladha ,
I'd like to utter Happy Eid-Adha :D

22 November 2009

Da Vinci's :)

located in Pusat Sains Negara.

sibling :D teciknyeh dak oren toh! haha

magical mirror :D

me and my bro !

guys in the house :D

no cameras in the show means no pictures! I'm sorry :D

14 November 2009

Second cheese cake


ingredients anyway :D

13 November 2009

Bake cheese cake?

assignment for myself! cheese cake ;)

06 November 2009

Project Runway, hoho

entry kali ni lain macam sikit pasal owner tengah boringgg, hahaa x)
lihatlah koleksi baju jalan yang distok dalam almari, mcmlah dipakai sgt haha
*janganlah tengok mende bwah katil tuh*


koleksi baju kurung yang rajin dibeli malas dipakai.
*showing teeth! ;P

30 October 2009

Twenty eighth of October :D

Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to Mohd Masri,
Happy bitrhday to u !

Happy birthday baba ! hope Allah protect u always wherever u are. thanks for took a good care of us, we always require your love. we love you ! :D

17 October 2009

Raya stoli maa

baba :D BBQ kat kg raya kelima, orang balik bakar lemang,
kitorang berBBQ, hahaaa. transform ! syioookk,

banana tree kat sebelah rumah kamponggg :D

mom and daughter <3

26 September 2009

Beloved brother

his favourite pose, "uh, show my teeth !"

introducing Ahmad Aiman b. Mohd Masri.
heeee, on his birthday, 30 jun 2009.

24 September 2009

Happy Eid-Fitri

dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas, ku kirim kad
yang dilukis sendiri, (haha!) maaf zahir & batin (:


budak banyak cakaaaaap, cakap cakap je keje ;P

kat homestay beside my kampong! there is someone
trying to invisble.

taraaa ! big crazy family. I was not there.
yang kat belakang sibuk dgn anak :P

my sibling on 20september09.

and kat atas ni, my cousin elsaa maisarah aaannd me (: