30 March 2011

To peeps,

It's about life and death, to deal with it my mind is now decomposed bit by bit and being flew by the air. I really do realize what I'm deciding and what is happening around me and that means I'm normal. nothing's freaking is influencing me right now. Conversely, I'm creating my story board to success and dealing with the future. Can't I Can't I Can't I with that way? xD

26 March 2011


Congratulations I bid to my brother, Ahmad Aqil on his accession in SPM.
I'm so proud of you :)
I took part in Coral Speaking.
the ugly me and my sweet mammah :)
*It's hell stupid when I've to wear tudong ENDON*

19 March 2011


bubye korang. aku nak balik asrama dah.
to 3KAA 2010, ty sbb buat reunion, rindu gylee kat korang! blaja rajin2 auw :)
bye bedroom, bye handphone, bye home, bye swar.

16 March 2011


mom will be home tomorrow. bringing crafts, take us some fresh air in this lovely Malaysia. oooh me likey ;D
I ought to make my homework done before she arrived, heek :]
byee folks.

15 March 2011


library in my auntie's house. I found a proverb dictionary. hell interesting! but forgot to borrow it and it left just like that -.-"

14 March 2011

lil elsaa :]

Seeking for peace..

macbook's, hihi :D

okay peeps, i don't know what about to be updated. huh? err let the sentence be :P i'm currently at damansara, living in my auntie's house. eat food, gulp drink, enjoy sleeping, hit the road, feel like swallowing little elsa, and i'll be home tomorrow :)

english, sejarah and additional maths are done. 6 cendawans left, haha kustech's know what i mean, right guys? :D set it free.

oh mom, we are outta money -.-" this holiday will be a "spend your time by being home all the time" yearp! that it is. no no no xD

I want to bake terribly, I'm out of ingredients unfortunately. cupcake, pie, cheese cake, chocolate, tiramisu, etc. thoseeeee~ I really want to turn you into a fantastic form, baby :(

11 March 2011

A story....

I get home. I hit the bellz then I look at the door, it doesn't echo to the one's ears who should be opening the door. I hit for twice and I look at the door again. very clean, no impact, no feedback. I get bengang. I hit hit hit hit hit hit the bellz! no sympathy, no manners, no polite, no courtesy in me! *inhale exhale* it seems takde orang nak bukak pintu, I step on the brick and climb! bhaha I'm a superwomen. now I'm home! ;D

To mum and dad,

Hey the three of you, come home laa. stop leaving2 us laa. no one's there to know my up-to-date stories. no one's there to pick me up from the hostel, I don't want to live with bibik je, mom :(