16 May 2011

HTD :)

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers :)
Be glad and proud to know that you're a teacher okay?
I love you <3

14 May 2011

Fishing Trip :)

me and mama :D
me and baba :D

kelong, in the middle of the sea~
nak gi sini kena naik boat and it takes
10mins tu arrive :)

ni pulak how bilik die look like :)

haha tampo je budak kat atas ni :D
and ni lah station mancing die, you take your chair,
sit down, and wait the pish to be stucked
on your bait ok? ;)

ni ladder die, betol2 kat tepi skali ujung skali.
haha seram, tertolak sikit jatuh la angpa :D

tu fishing rod baba, panjang kan? 16m :D
over all dpat 2ekor ikan je, tapi quite huge o.O
yg pnting seronok :)

thank you mama and baba <3

To Flare,

hey kamu Ahmad Ariff! tahniah dpt MFI. blaja rajin2 tau? byee awak :)
*ni abang saye sbnye, yg no2. hahaha :D

13 May 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day :)

hey mom, I'd like to bid happy mother's day to you :))
I'm sorry that I couldn't update one special entry for you at the exact time..as you see my dear mom, I'm in examination week. and you even forbid me from napping around with my laptop, hehe but that's why you're called MAMA :)

Thank you for raising me up patiently..I know I've done a lot of mistakes, there goes my imperfection and as a human the imperfection of course is clearly visible. somehow it has hurt you much. I'd like to apologize for these.

and for suprise, you have to know that you have undergo your duty perfectly, neither as a mom or a teacher. you don't have to envy to others if you think you're superb lacking as a mom..I think cause u've never know mom, that u're THE BEST mother to me, to my brothers. you ought to know from the beginning..and I don't want anyone to replace your place, cause u're the best person I've ever had! :D

I adore to cook with you, to sing with you, to read those novels with you, to calculate the maths question with you, to pronounce every single word accurately, to sleep with you, to tell you what I'm doing everyday, to comb your hair, to massage you, to kiss your chick, to fix your veil, to drive with you, to kid you, to be carried by you..I love every action produced from us.

me, along, angah, alang and aiman love you so much. a big homage to my beloved mother, YUHAIDA BINTI YUSOF

08 May 2011


last for tonight..esok my mid-year begin! korang doakan aku eh? aku tktau la ape jadi dgn result aku nnti, dengan biologi nye mcm ni, dgn math ttinggal satu chapter, dgn cigu2 yg kedekot mrkah lagi oooo tlog laaa x'D papepon aku dh work hard on those subjects dan tggal bserah je, AKU BENCI! ada bnde yg aku bnci, aku tkleh btau kat sini sobsob :'( k lahh, pray for me yeah? thank you :)

07 May 2011

A tiring day :)

hey folks (;
I've been thru a very tiring day today. I had skola gnti xD and early in the morning right after the crappy speeches ended, I headed to chemis lab since it's chemistry period. immidiately, my friends called me and i've to turn back, argh just wth do you want in my mind. hak3 I found the Solat Workshop felt on today!!! and I play role as a fasilitator, ahaaa interesting right? It was fun even the weariness I still can feel sticking on my body. I was monitoring on 'Doa Iftitah' point, great! easy! some were fluence at reciting and remembering it, but there were also some got it slow~ but for Islam's sake, I don't mind intertaining :) plus, they were so cute!!! :D then, I got back home at 5.30pm, and exhausted O.o hee I'll always appreciate this experience..thanks :]

06 May 2011

Let's have a glance

hey korang :)
sori pasal lame tak update, busy sgt study..tak tipu nih, haha LAME! xD now I'm wearing school uniform instead of baju korporat. I'm happy and satisfied with my life now. Thank you Allah, sometime I forget to be grateful. pardon me.

take care korang yg aku sayang. study laa betol2, exam is about to turn :) I'll always mish ya! ;D

and to mama, I'm sorry if couldn't really score in my mid-year. but I'll do my best. as I always express, I LOVE YOU THE MOST! ;D and to baba too, I'm sorry if I can achieve what you want the most. pray for me yeah? I heart you both :)

23 April 2011


I dun wanna see any of you crying okay?
I want you to know that u're always kept in my mind and my heart.

19 April 2011

Oh Allah, the only thing I ask, facilitate this matter.
You're the rightful one on this.
Ya Rabbi, approve my Doa' :')

16 April 2011

Makaroni Bakar :)

firstly, tumis bawang besar. lepas tuu masok serbuk kari 3 spoons. and then pour daging kisar as much as you like, susu cair, gula dan garam secukup rase.

masukkan 300g makaroni dan gaul sebati.

masukkan ke dalam loyang yg appropriate dan taburkan cheese. (tabur?) add in 4 eggs in amount into the macaroni. before that, mix all the egg together in a bowl and whisk them up. bakar dgn suhu 180 darjah celcius selame 40 minit.

rase die? sedap sangat :)
source : http://www.myresipi.com/top/detail/3037

09 April 2011

Lalala xD

BM - C
BI - A
SEJ - B+
AG - B
CES - A-
ED - C


08 April 2011

Latest me xD

I remember whenever I was in Physics Lab, I hit my teacher rawr! xD I said, "sorry" to her, then she replied "you're so tiny, I can't feel you" haha no, I'm not, teacher! :D

There goes my superb brother, doing his favourite stunt like usual, haha :)

Be green and free shoes on Saturday xD

01 April 2011

Tale of a father

My dad is home! :D
thank you baba for the stuffs, you're the best father I've ever had.
we love you :)

30 March 2011

To peeps,

It's about life and death, to deal with it my mind is now decomposed bit by bit and being flew by the air. I really do realize what I'm deciding and what is happening around me and that means I'm normal. nothing's freaking is influencing me right now. Conversely, I'm creating my story board to success and dealing with the future. Can't I Can't I Can't I with that way? xD

26 March 2011


Congratulations I bid to my brother, Ahmad Aqil on his accession in SPM.
I'm so proud of you :)
I took part in Coral Speaking.
the ugly me and my sweet mammah :)
*It's hell stupid when I've to wear tudong ENDON*

19 March 2011


bubye korang. aku nak balik asrama dah.
to 3KAA 2010, ty sbb buat reunion, rindu gylee kat korang! blaja rajin2 auw :)
bye bedroom, bye handphone, bye home, bye swar.

16 March 2011


mom will be home tomorrow. bringing crafts, take us some fresh air in this lovely Malaysia. oooh me likey ;D
I ought to make my homework done before she arrived, heek :]
byee folks.

15 March 2011


library in my auntie's house. I found a proverb dictionary. hell interesting! but forgot to borrow it and it left just like that -.-"

14 March 2011

lil elsaa :]

Seeking for peace..

macbook's, hihi :D

okay peeps, i don't know what about to be updated. huh? err let the sentence be :P i'm currently at damansara, living in my auntie's house. eat food, gulp drink, enjoy sleeping, hit the road, feel like swallowing little elsa, and i'll be home tomorrow :)

english, sejarah and additional maths are done. 6 cendawans left, haha kustech's know what i mean, right guys? :D set it free.

oh mom, we are outta money -.-" this holiday will be a "spend your time by being home all the time" yearp! that it is. no no no xD

I want to bake terribly, I'm out of ingredients unfortunately. cupcake, pie, cheese cake, chocolate, tiramisu, etc. thoseeeee~ I really want to turn you into a fantastic form, baby :(

11 March 2011

A story....

I get home. I hit the bellz then I look at the door, it doesn't echo to the one's ears who should be opening the door. I hit for twice and I look at the door again. very clean, no impact, no feedback. I get bengang. I hit hit hit hit hit hit the bellz! no sympathy, no manners, no polite, no courtesy in me! *inhale exhale* it seems takde orang nak bukak pintu, I step on the brick and climb! bhaha I'm a superwomen. now I'm home! ;D

To mum and dad,

Hey the three of you, come home laa. stop leaving2 us laa. no one's there to know my up-to-date stories. no one's there to pick me up from the hostel, I don't want to live with bibik je, mom :(

26 February 2011

auuwww :]

25 February 2011

Awat lagu ny!

Sebenaqnya mmg cek malaih nak update, tapi for a sign that cek alive, cek update laa skit hah. bsyukoq dapat blek umah, tpy kene study pasai nak exam -.-" uhh cobaan2. tpy xpa, bsusah2 dlu bsenang2 kemudian :D
memang syiok merapu malam2

19 February 2011


My test will be held on Monday, 28th of February. I'll be home again next week. I don't know whether I've understand enough of what have been taught by teachers. I got C for my mathematics in my past pre-test. I aim for 4 to 5A for this test and it seems too high with this kind of circumstances. I feel so stress whenever I couldn't catch up the subject. I'll cry, but i know i can't despair and give up. that's life of mine. I got Robinson Crusoe :) Bye, will be back on Friday!

18 February 2011

A story :]

Last saturday, I called mama from my hostel. for suprise, she told me I got an offer to boarding school which got Bahasa Arab Tinggi. I'm puzzled for a while. I've got my comfort here, i love my new friends, i love my dorm, my class, my my my everything! then i'm moving there? while i dont even know the school's name (haha xD) the surroundings and so on. in 6hours I made up my decision to not to move. let me be here lah. it's okay, maybe there's something better for me that Allah has arranged that I don't know. I'm staying :)


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera :) *uhh formal-formal.* :P
wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lame gylee tk update! hah tula, busy sgt, agak terpanjang sikit. hehe :D nak cerita mcm2 sbnye. tapi tk mng tangan laa mcm tu kan? kite main selit2 jelah, heek let's start! ^____^

sebelum gy koje, dapek shift pagi aa. hahaha ny lah die baju korporat sgt tu :) haa meh2 tengok. and these are my dormates! dari kiri Ziqa, Nia, Fiza, ME! Myra, Lily, Chicken and Ajim kat bawah tu ;]

yang ni plak baju outing, aka pakai hari jumaat :)

Lily bought this! sedap! :D

me with Lily, time jamuan :] cantek tak make up? hee KD kami yg buatkan ;D

ehem2, nak buat speech ny, diam ah jab :P firstly, to whomever it may concern, thanks tau sbb wish my birthday :) thx jugak sbb da cilok pencil box saye selame 24jam, hehe *kening2* pandai laa angpa suma buat suprise, mmg cek tekejot sgat sgat sgat laa :P seronok lah kat dorm sambot, kat kelas pon sambot. thx :)

I'll be updating this blog lagi, for my own amusement. and if it's an amusement to you, my pleasure :D keyh laa, nak tido. harhar tata readers! a very good night I bid to you. Bye.

04 February 2011

Upgraded :)

not that desperated to be lame, but since when did this blogger got a new font?!

03 February 2011

It's baba's :)

My daddy once again will go to abroad. and here, mama's left alone. she kept saying to me "your baba will be no longer here, i'll be all alone." I said to her, "I'll call you everyday mammah :)" maybe I've used to it so it's not that hard for me for letting baba goes. It's about work. you invest, you get. yeah! that's the word. so, all I want to say is, take care baba. we love you :) what you've always sacrificed is unrepliable. I'll pray for you and I did always prayed for both mama and baba :D WE LOVE YOU! <3

Childish faces :D

napping all day long with the girl in blue, Nana :D

01 February 2011

Cuti-cuti! ;D

Assalamualaikum..hai sume! *surfing for ideas.......* :/
okay, I'm home! wee shuke2 :DD ini hali warga kustech pulang ke kampung masing2 mah, we'll be back on 6 Feb :) masyuuuk~what should I tell about? anyway, NANA! hee iye, mmg dy kenal aku. ritu dy tanye aku klas ape plak, mmg lah tak kenal kan ;P heek! rindu ko lah syg :') t kite meet2 eh, story aku byak gylee neh. gempak plak, ko ern suke cite2 brunsur gempak nih *winkwink! :D

Capek ouh kat asrama nih..ritu ade Merentas Desa! aka road run. hari khamis tu ade percubaan lah kan merentas desa. I ran with Nia! hee dah kalo da lari dgn budak taekwondo belt hitam mmg laju lah kan nia? ;P so we got no.20 disebabkan kepancitan sya xD dan utk merentas desa yg betol pnye Nia sakit. her mom picked her up on friday so there's no inspiration :( the conclusion is I didn't run, yeah! kalau nia x lari hany pon x lari okay! ;D

the third point is, HOMEWORK BANYAK GILA KOT! amik kau, nak bg aku homework byak sgt kan, hee :D xpela, kite time. kite tau kite tk pndai agy. utk subjek yg baru pulak tu mcm fizik, kimia, +maths, LK, PKA, fuhhh -.-' time kaseh cikgu2.

nak tunggu along, angah balek! esok rumah kite 1family at home laa. mai la balek cpt bro :D tunggu A balik gak :) wuu mesti besh! keyh, t rajen kte update agy keyh? untok warga BTP yg ku rindui :D tata~

22 January 2011

Back to KUSTECH :)

Good bye to all my beloved ones.
families and friends. pray for my success always~

21 January 2011

Their feedbacks?

BABA. as usual he's the most caring about his children either families. he bought and spent a lot of money for my hostelry. A very big appreciation to him. thanks baba :'D

MAMA! my saviour 24 hours! haha she's the happiest person to know that i'm going to boarding school. but somehow we both felt sad for leaving each other eventhough the school is not that far. I called her almost everyday once i get into the school. I love mama the most. I got fever for keep remembering her, nothing could separate us :')

after spending one week at the hostel, I could get back home. he called mama's phone and since I was the one sitting near the phone, I picked. "Oh yana! bila balik? sane ok? makan? asrama? sekolah? sume ok?" okay okay, he cares :)

this poor guy knows nothing that I'm going to boarding school. haha pity you flare. at last, maybe by the time he called mama, mama told him, then he knew. while along texted him that I'm currently in SMTKS. one evening I called him using public phone, at that time he's in Padang Besar, Perlis. "woy ko pe cer doe? oke ark sane? rase nak pndah balik umah x? camne aku nak contact ko t? bawak ah fon" yeaah that's my abang ngah =.="

my third brother, until now I couldn't read his mind since he's heartless. haha hey dude, what you really thought about me huh? huh? huh? still I think he cares, just didn't show.

ME?! haha I got superb duperb magic fever! on my third day, I woke up from my sleep and found my nose's bleeding and my head started to shake its body. oh I felt hell dizzy. for the next day, i'm getting worse, I couldn't breathe normally and I coughed for urgh, undescribeable sick. Nia accompanied me. we headed to clinic with our warden. thanks to my dormates for being corcern about me :') and now, I'm suitting myself. Alhamdulillah I have Allah that always observes me, thank you ya rabbi :]

while my baby, once he found that I'm home, he screamed, "KAKCIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAY KAKCIK DA BALIK DARI ASRAMA!!" ouh my little boy, how I mish you here :')

15 January 2011

To the ones I miss :D

ciao pretty peeps. on this lovely night-to-be, it'll be more fantastic if i supply this lullaby along :) specially dedicated to SMKBTP's student, but mostly to DIYANAH EMERA BT. ZULKEFLI, this one is for you babe, remember me always okay? :')

14 January 2011


Hyep buddies! what's up here?!! I've been livin in forest, please have pity on me, I know nothing about up-to-date stories. hakhak yah cruel enough xD waahhh lindu banget mah! :D so far, dudok asrama okey saje, huhu for the first second day, a bit shocked i had laa..demam panas suda! haha haiya, bru nak rahsie2, tgok2 nana da cite kat blog dy, cis! haha mish you la babe :') aku okee je duk sane, no worries yah babe? ^__^

okay that's all, malas nak type, ahak! take care guys! see yah later on. I'll be back on Wednesday :]

06 January 2011

Shocking new, hakhak

Hey people! nak crita niyh, mauk dgar nggak? haha :D sye dah dpat tawaran ke....

SMT Kuala Selangor jee..

that means I'm gonna hit this school! and for sure I can't resume my Bahasa Arab :( tak pelah, kite ekot flow wokeh! so kawan2 yg sya kasihi, start from esok sya akan angkat kaki dry SMK Bandar Tasik Puteri. hahaha pray for my success and I'll always pray for you too loves. so I don't have much time, gotta buy lots of things. Good Bye :')

02 January 2011

2011's :)

Assalamualaikum teman-teman ^__^
spt yg kite sume tahu esok merupakan hari ptama psekolahan bg tahun 2011 :) jadi utk tahun ni sya mpunyai byak azam baru, winkwink! perlukah dikhabarkan di sini? kita lihat jwpnnye
belom lagi....
lagi dan lagi :P
PERLU! hehe sebab? sebab sya baek lgy pemurah. hakhak tipu je, sbb sya suka share! sharing is caring darling! yargh >.< mari kita lihat azam-azam sya ;D

Pixel Icons nak belajar rajin2 serajin yg mungkin! asal kmalasan sya dtg melanda sya akn bukak blog ny dan bce semula azam sya, deal? ahak! ;)

Pixel Icons kalo boleh nak pergi asrama, klo xdpt kite bom skola tuh, haha aip! nakal yep! kite buat permohonan laa C: sya xkesa asrama ape pon, kerane aim sya adalah mahu berdikari, mencari surrounding baru dan blaja bergaul.

Pixel Icons akan cuba on bende2 alah ny a.k.a facebook + blogger + myspace (erk?) + youtube + pelbagai lgy twice a week ye kengkawan! mari lihat jika hany boleh memecahkan rekod ny, hehe :D

Pixel Icons sudah tibe masenye untok mengembara dunia yg fana ini seorg dry hany, x boleh bgantong kps sesiape lagy, blaja berdikari :)

Pixel Icons menuju ke dunia MASAKAN! always and always! weee~

okay itulah kesemuanya :) sya akan cuba sdaye upaya mcapainye, kpd kawan-kawan yg akn berpindah mulai esok, jgn lupekan hany keyh? anda ttp anda, tiade pengganti tauk! :] dan kpd yg dpat result gmpak, jgn terlalu yakin dan rileks taon dpn, kite ttp harus struggle! otherwise, ktorg yg result bse2 ny akan pecut korg! hehe tkot x takot x?:D ALL THE BEST semua! new year, new hopes, new ambition and new target! to the next post guys, tata~