13 May 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day :)

hey mom, I'd like to bid happy mother's day to you :))
I'm sorry that I couldn't update one special entry for you at the exact time..as you see my dear mom, I'm in examination week. and you even forbid me from napping around with my laptop, hehe but that's why you're called MAMA :)

Thank you for raising me up patiently..I know I've done a lot of mistakes, there goes my imperfection and as a human the imperfection of course is clearly visible. somehow it has hurt you much. I'd like to apologize for these.

and for suprise, you have to know that you have undergo your duty perfectly, neither as a mom or a teacher. you don't have to envy to others if you think you're superb lacking as a mom..I think cause u've never know mom, that u're THE BEST mother to me, to my brothers. you ought to know from the beginning..and I don't want anyone to replace your place, cause u're the best person I've ever had! :D

I adore to cook with you, to sing with you, to read those novels with you, to calculate the maths question with you, to pronounce every single word accurately, to sleep with you, to tell you what I'm doing everyday, to comb your hair, to massage you, to kiss your chick, to fix your veil, to drive with you, to kid you, to be carried by you..I love every action produced from us.

me, along, angah, alang and aiman love you so much. a big homage to my beloved mother, YUHAIDA BINTI YUSOF