16 May 2011

HTD :)

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers :)
Be glad and proud to know that you're a teacher okay?
I love you <3

14 May 2011

Fishing Trip :)

me and mama :D
me and baba :D

kelong, in the middle of the sea~
nak gi sini kena naik boat and it takes
10mins tu arrive :)

ni pulak how bilik die look like :)

haha tampo je budak kat atas ni :D
and ni lah station mancing die, you take your chair,
sit down, and wait the pish to be stucked
on your bait ok? ;)

ni ladder die, betol2 kat tepi skali ujung skali.
haha seram, tertolak sikit jatuh la angpa :D

tu fishing rod baba, panjang kan? 16m :D
over all dpat 2ekor ikan je, tapi quite huge o.O
yg pnting seronok :)

thank you mama and baba <3

To Flare,

hey kamu Ahmad Ariff! tahniah dpt MFI. blaja rajin2 tau? byee awak :)
*ni abang saye sbnye, yg no2. hahaha :D

13 May 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day :)

hey mom, I'd like to bid happy mother's day to you :))
I'm sorry that I couldn't update one special entry for you at the exact time..as you see my dear mom, I'm in examination week. and you even forbid me from napping around with my laptop, hehe but that's why you're called MAMA :)

Thank you for raising me up patiently..I know I've done a lot of mistakes, there goes my imperfection and as a human the imperfection of course is clearly visible. somehow it has hurt you much. I'd like to apologize for these.

and for suprise, you have to know that you have undergo your duty perfectly, neither as a mom or a teacher. you don't have to envy to others if you think you're superb lacking as a mom..I think cause u've never know mom, that u're THE BEST mother to me, to my brothers. you ought to know from the beginning..and I don't want anyone to replace your place, cause u're the best person I've ever had! :D

I adore to cook with you, to sing with you, to read those novels with you, to calculate the maths question with you, to pronounce every single word accurately, to sleep with you, to tell you what I'm doing everyday, to comb your hair, to massage you, to kiss your chick, to fix your veil, to drive with you, to kid you, to be carried by you..I love every action produced from us.

me, along, angah, alang and aiman love you so much. a big homage to my beloved mother, YUHAIDA BINTI YUSOF

08 May 2011


last for tonight..esok my mid-year begin! korang doakan aku eh? aku tktau la ape jadi dgn result aku nnti, dengan biologi nye mcm ni, dgn math ttinggal satu chapter, dgn cigu2 yg kedekot mrkah lagi oooo tlog laaa x'D papepon aku dh work hard on those subjects dan tggal bserah je, AKU BENCI! ada bnde yg aku bnci, aku tkleh btau kat sini sobsob :'( k lahh, pray for me yeah? thank you :)

07 May 2011

A tiring day :)

hey folks (;
I've been thru a very tiring day today. I had skola gnti xD and early in the morning right after the crappy speeches ended, I headed to chemis lab since it's chemistry period. immidiately, my friends called me and i've to turn back, argh just wth do you want in my mind. hak3 I found the Solat Workshop felt on today!!! and I play role as a fasilitator, ahaaa interesting right? It was fun even the weariness I still can feel sticking on my body. I was monitoring on 'Doa Iftitah' point, great! easy! some were fluence at reciting and remembering it, but there were also some got it slow~ but for Islam's sake, I don't mind intertaining :) plus, they were so cute!!! :D then, I got back home at 5.30pm, and exhausted O.o hee I'll always appreciate this experience..thanks :]

06 May 2011

Let's have a glance

hey korang :)
sori pasal lame tak update, busy sgt study..tak tipu nih, haha LAME! xD now I'm wearing school uniform instead of baju korporat. I'm happy and satisfied with my life now. Thank you Allah, sometime I forget to be grateful. pardon me.

take care korang yg aku sayang. study laa betol2, exam is about to turn :) I'll always mish ya! ;D

and to mama, I'm sorry if couldn't really score in my mid-year. but I'll do my best. as I always express, I LOVE YOU THE MOST! ;D and to baba too, I'm sorry if I can achieve what you want the most. pray for me yeah? I heart you both :)

23 April 2011


I dun wanna see any of you crying okay?
I want you to know that u're always kept in my mind and my heart.

19 April 2011

Oh Allah, the only thing I ask, facilitate this matter.
You're the rightful one on this.
Ya Rabbi, approve my Doa' :')

16 April 2011

Makaroni Bakar :)

firstly, tumis bawang besar. lepas tuu masok serbuk kari 3 spoons. and then pour daging kisar as much as you like, susu cair, gula dan garam secukup rase.

masukkan 300g makaroni dan gaul sebati.

masukkan ke dalam loyang yg appropriate dan taburkan cheese. (tabur?) add in 4 eggs in amount into the macaroni. before that, mix all the egg together in a bowl and whisk them up. bakar dgn suhu 180 darjah celcius selame 40 minit.

rase die? sedap sangat :)
source : http://www.myresipi.com/top/detail/3037