26 February 2010

My baby prince, the one I miss!

Ahmad Aiman in Paris =')

I miss u my baby.

Aiman, how could u leave kakcik?!

ala tomeyh (:

24 February 2010

bye mama!

mama is off to somewhere far from here.
I guess no need to tell lah, malu xD
she will be vanished for two weeks hihi ;P

she left these three cards for me to survive, will I?
bye mama, take care.

20 February 2010

I'm stucked, I'm jammed!

I still have NOT study yet!
I still have NOT finished my homework completely.
and I didn't understand wth CIRCLE is!
gimme a space u silly!

17 February 2010

Proton's car?

Malaysia nak kuar kereta baru niyh? haha! macam tk percaya jee xD let's check it out..

a) It is 3,550 mm in length, which is approximately a good half a meter longer than the Toyota iQ but shorter than the Proton Savvy
comel ah tueee :D

b) The car will use a series hybrid drive
fuhh! biar betol! betul-betul 2010 nih! wahhhh haha ;P

c) The car is a creative collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro
laa Italy mai ka? xkesa lah kalo maju smcm x)

anyway, we should be proud as Malaysia now is the main car secretor. They just need some space to make it as good as imported car, and we need to support them! (:

watta relief!

I've done all the omewok a.k.a wutta S*** Mr Salleh gave to me! now wut more do u want? come on!

09 February 2010

Speech on my bufday!

Latest hany :D

okay, it's 9th Feb 2010 guys! it's also today aaaand cordially considered as my birthday! ngehngeh =3 first of all, I'd like to say thanks to Allah S.W.T for sure cause of has given me a long life till now..I'm typing..I'm breathing..because of Allah. Second, a MAJOR thanks to mammmah!
mama, because of u I'm alive :D a world of thanks ;pp I love u mom! u're the best! now..thanks to buddies yg wished me.. I never thof korang engat bufday aku =I hehe! and for the gift too..terima kasih sesangat :D dont botherlah next time! tokseh susah2 (: Imma a good appriaciator aite? hihi thanks a lot! I think fifteen is good :DD

nah, now let's enjoy fifteen song by Taylor Swift as the outro :)
p/s : bukak youtube sendiri ;P