07 May 2011

A tiring day :)

hey folks (;
I've been thru a very tiring day today. I had skola gnti xD and early in the morning right after the crappy speeches ended, I headed to chemis lab since it's chemistry period. immidiately, my friends called me and i've to turn back, argh just wth do you want in my mind. hak3 I found the Solat Workshop felt on today!!! and I play role as a fasilitator, ahaaa interesting right? It was fun even the weariness I still can feel sticking on my body. I was monitoring on 'Doa Iftitah' point, great! easy! some were fluence at reciting and remembering it, but there were also some got it slow~ but for Islam's sake, I don't mind intertaining :) plus, they were so cute!!! :D then, I got back home at 5.30pm, and exhausted O.o hee I'll always appreciate this experience..thanks :]